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Alternative Lifestyle Guidance

ANN JUSTI, Life Coach and Alt-Life Guide

Coaching and Mentoring to Live your Desired Life and True Self

Specializing in Alternative Lifestyles and Desires


LGBTQ - kink - fetish - swing - polyamory

tantra - other variations

Free Exploratory Session for New Clients

More Flavors Than Vanilla… 

Do you feel like there’s a side to your life that you’ve been interested in exploring, something a little different from the mainstream, a little off the beaten path, but just never knew how to go about it?  I can help you with that.  I believe you can live any style of life as long as it is safe, sane and consensual.


Are you already living an alternative, non-mainstream lifestyle?  Do you need coaching in terms of your future direction but want a coach that knows and understands your lifestyle - and not simply from reading about it in a book or seeing it on TV?  I can help you, too.


I am a life coach who has lived and presently lives an alternative lifestyle.  I’ve been a sex/health educator, worked with the CDC as a consultant on sexually transmitted diseases and was a practicing member of various communities in the worlds of polyamory, kink, fetish, swing, BDSM and LGBTQ.  Further details are available upon request, but to summarize, I have  decades of extensive personal experience in alternative lifestyles and the challenges members of these communities face in today’s society, whether you want to come out to the world, keep it completely private, get your toes wet or just plain get along.


When a person who lives an alternative lifestyle goes to a coach or counselor who doesn’t have relevant experience in such lifestyles, they tend to focus too much on the alternative lifestyle, sometimes even seeing it as the root cause of some of the issues that you’re consulting them on.  I don’t have this bias.  I’ve lived that life, I can coach and advise people who live that life and I can help people living a “vanilla” life who are curious to explore alternatives.

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